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Xiamen League Sound Technology Development Co., Ltd. AAA Credit Audited Enterprise in China,  High-tech Enterprise awarded by Xiamen Municipal Government

“The value of an idea lies in the using of it.” These inspirational words by Thomas Edison propelled us to develop our hearing aids device to help people suffer from hearing loss that leads to the birth of League Sound

League Sound opened its door in 2014 as a hearing aids manufacturer cum a turn-key hearing aids production service provider in China.League Sound has been focusing on sound-amplifying equipment and hearing aids solutions.

LeagueSound is TOP digital hearing aid suppliers who have been in hearing aid industry for more than 6 years. Guided by ISO 13485 certificated systems, LeagueSound has its own integrated R&D, manufacturing as well as triple-testing quality control teams and facilities, and all the products have been certificated by FDA. Either for oneself, friends or partners, LeagueSound easy-to-use and affordable hearing aids would be the best choice for the hearing-impaired.

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We are a company of audiologist and industry professionals, who work tirelessly every day to improve hearing health. We are committed to providing advanced hearing aids equipment and total solutions for our customers. As the most qualified Chinese partner in hearing aids equipment, League Sound continues to serve many international groups. Assisting by educating our clients and averting potential troubles through our experience we can help in many facets.

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We can be reached via email, telephone, and fax. We are multilingual, easily accessible and readily available. Always glad to help you create value for our shared society.

League Sound is the leading digital hearing aid manufacturer and all of our sound amplifiers meet and exceeds CE / FDA standards, and we will provide a competitive price based on your project.


ISO 13485 /CE 0482 Approved / FDA Registration


League Sound truly stands alone in the industry.

At League Sound , we care more about how our customers could make the right choice. We believe that having the best-fit production line is merely the first step to your success in hearing aids business.

We pride ourselves on our positioning as a trusted partner instead of a device vendor, –We do what other sound-amplifying vendors can not do.

Simply put, we do it all so you don’t have to.

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History of League Sound Innvovations

Year 2019

We passed the US FDA Certification

Year 2018

We passed the CE Certification

Year 2017

We created the wireless rechargeable hearing aids.

Year 2016

We obtained 3 more patents In April 2016..

Year 2015

Following our achievements of 2014 we developed the Bluetooth hearing aid with its own patent. 

This was not all we accomplished in 2015. We also completed a production line with wireless hearing aids.

Our hearing aid devices passed the EMC test from the 3rd party which allowed the League Sound to develop and produce the hearing aid.

Year 2014

We met two milestones in 2014!

First we developed the In-the-ear (ITE) aids

Then we obtained the two patents in China in December 2014.

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