If you are looking to import hearing devices from China, and are looking for quality manufacturers you are in the right place.


With 5 years of manufacturing experience in China, we can help you review the best hearing aid, manufacturers.

And in today’s guide, we will recommend the 10 best hearing aid, manufacturers.

We support people who are trying to provide hearing solutions to the hearing impaired.

Hearing loss is a global issue, and around 466 million people worldwide have disabling hearing loss and thirty-four million of these are children. It is estimated that by 2050 over 900 million people will have disabling hearing loss, It’s clear to see why there is a surge in demand for high-quality hearing devices.

So try our best to provide better hearing solution to aid people who have hearing impairment.


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China hearing aids manufacturer

League Sound is fast becoming China’s premier hearing aid manufacturer. From their state of the art production facility in Xiamen City, they manufacture they produce Behind-the-ear (BTE) , In-the-ear (ITE) types of hearing aids and other turnkey hearing solutions for the industry. Their engineers combine the latest technology with expert craftsmanship and pride themselves on their high quality and standards.

Their management team consists of audiologists and other industry professionals dedicated to offering excellent service and real human advice. They consider themselves to be more than just a production facility and believe that by listening to their customers and their ideas, together they can unite the world.

They offer a host of services that provide flexibility at every step of the process. With free consultations, a free design service and free after-sales support for all buyers, they stand confidently behind their products, and rightly so, their sound amplifiers meet and exceed all CE and FDA standards.

The company is attentive and has multilingual sales teams who can rapidly put you in contact with the right people. From start to finish, they can implement your project expertly and all at a reasonable price.

It’s easy to see why League Sound are the go-to solution for thousands of retailers.

More Hope

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Founded in 2012, its core team have previously found success in other internet startups in e-commerce and retail. They have honed their skills and have implemented lessons learned to the manufacturing and distribution of medical devices. The company has won the trust and enthusiasm of consumers with a complete range of reliable products at great prices with innovative order fulfillment methods and fast service.

Their flagship products are advertised under their brand name ‘More Glory’. Their devices look modern and sleek and have rechargeable power sources. They offer BTE & ITE options, as well as pocket hearing aids.


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Jinghao is one of China’s leading manufacturers of medical devices. They produce hearing aids, nebulizers and specialised air mattresses for the aged.

They are a nationally recognised manufacturer and have recently expanded internationally. They have several branches now open in China, and a new office in India. In 2018 they announced the launch of the JHD19, a next-generation hearing aid which is a new water-resistant digital BTE device.

Retone Hearing

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Retone is a young and forward-thinking company. They are one of the few companies on this list that offer direct to consumer products. Their flagship product is the Bro wireless charging BTE hearing aid.

They are quick and easy to use and get the job done with minimal fuss. They have a 20-hour battery life, and a full charge takes no longer than 6 hours. Their Vigor range is controlled via Bluetooth and users can change settings through a specially designed App. The focus of the company is clearly on compatibility with tech to give users maximum integration and ease of use.

Their branding and product choices reflect the audience they are trying to woo, and it seems to be paying off. They are earning a reputation among younger users.

Ears Mate

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Ears Mate is the leading manufacturer of hearing aids in China and is another company that deals with the emerging direct to the consumer marketplace. They heavily invest in R&D and are entirely focused on their integration capabilities.
The company has many patents and their trademark EarsMate® Earsmate G-26C is the new generation benchmark in digital hearing technology.

They have four production lines churning out an incredible 15000pcs each month, and they plan to provide no less than six new designs a year.

They pride themselves on producing professional hearing aid products with highly integrative capabilities quickly and in large volumes. They also offer 12 months warranty on all of their products.

Most of their hearing products are approved by professional bodies such as CE/ROHS/FCC/ISO/FDA.

They currently wholesale to buyers from all over the world, including the US and EU.

Austar Hearing

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AST Hearing Science and Technology manufacture hearing aids, listening devices and medical equipment in connection with Otology. They have a multinational presence and are another one of the big players on our list. They have HQ’s in Germany, Turkey, Hong Kong and Singapore.

In the EU and the US, their sales are growing exponentially as they find favor with audiologists and other healthcare professionals. Every step of the way the company embodies professionalism and empathy towards its customers.

Their products are made from exceptional materials and incorporate the latest technology. Their Lenx 16 product range has features like a built-in audiometer and tinnitus masker, 3rd-generation dynamic feedback cancellation (DFC), FRONTWAVE directionality and wind noise manager to name a few.

Aco Sound

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Aco sound was founded in 2011 with a donation of 30 million Yuan from Aco sound technology and the Biomedical Engineer Peng Li PhD who lead a professional R&D team from Zhejiang University. They wished to implement a production base and research centre for hearing aids in China.

Aco Sound specializes in R&D and in particular the digital signal processors and algorithms for DSP in digital Hearing Aids.
The AcoMate series hearing aid now has a formidable reputation with a strong sales performance. It has catapulted the company to success. Now, they find themselves operating in over 40 countries, offering multiple products that resolve all manner of hearing issues.

Li Sound

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Lisound was established in 1996 and had the honor of being the first hearing aid manufacturer to obtain medical devices ISO certification in China.

Lisound manufactures all manner of hearing care products, and are well known for producing BTE/ITE/ITC/RIC/CIC devices. Moreover, the Chinese media has long regarded Lisound as one of the largest and foremost manufacturers of customized hearing aids in China.

To put things in perspective, the US has 20,000 qualified hearing professionals, serving 300 million people, and they still have a severe shortage. In China, there are less than 1,000 trained and licensed audiologists, an incomprehensible shortfall in skills. However, Lisound is one of the few companies actively trying to make up the numbers.

The company pioneered a distribution network, an advertising campaign and provided training for medical practitioners. Lisound cares about people, and their hearing and their company ethos are presented on their website.

New Sound

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New Sound was founded in 2004 and produces a full range of hearing aids and personal sound amplifiers.

In October of 2019 at the 64th Annual EUHA 2019 International Congress of Hearing Aid Acousticians Conference in Nuremberg, Germany, Newsound announced their plans to produce wireless charging hearing aids. Their next-generation design will retain many of their popular features while removing the need to change batteries.

NewSound has a presence in more than 50 countries such as the USA, Brazil, France, Turkey, Iran, Kuwait, Malaysia. NewSound is carving out a reputation in the sector for its innovative and unique solutions.

Who are the largest manufacturers of hearing aids in the world?

Traditionally, in Europe and the US, the market has been dominated by the big six, comprising of Siemens, Phonak, Starkey, Resound, Widex and Oticon. However, these brands are now facing stiff competition from established companies based in China. People are looking for cheaper alternatives that challenge the dominance of prominent hearing aid manufacturers. This article will help you navigate the Chinese market and will present you with some of the facts as to why some Chinese manufacturers are legitimate competitors.

There is no denying that in a few short years, China has managed to become the world’s manufacturing superpower. Rising costs and materials in the West have driven radical change, and in this world of increasing connectivity, there are few borders for global supply chains. Major corporations turn to China because of their high quality, low cost and gigantic output.

Almost exclusively, items like clothes, electronics, steel and coal have been exported from China over the past 20 years. However, businesses in Europe and America are now looking for economical alternatives to often extortionately priced medical devices. Chinese manufacturers consistently provide high-quality products which pass all US and EU accreditation, a testament to Chinese manufacturing standards.

Let’s take a look at some of the leading players in China to see what services they offer and the benefits they provide.

What does the future hold for hearing aid production in China?

It’s clear the industry is going through a radical change. With ever-changing technology, prices will likely fall, making hearing devices even more affordable. How each company will capitalise remains to be seen. Still, Chinese companies are famous for their customer service and flexibility, and so they will likely be the ones to prevail.

However, the industry leader Sonova is looking to make massive investments in China. Sonova (Phonak) has a presence in 100 countries with a workforce of over 14,000 employees. It generated sales of $2.76 billion in its 2018-2019 financial year and a net profit of $468 million. They have identified the massive opportunity that the country represents.

Long Mo, the deputy director of the China Rehabilitation Research Center for Hearing and Speech Impairment, said “only 7.9 percent of Chinese who suffer from hearing impairments use hearing aids. Lack of knowledge is the reason given for the lack of uptake”**

If Sonova can manage to capitalise on the Chinese market, they will undoubtedly inject further expertise and propel the Chinese hearing aid market into rapid growth.

DTC hearing aids are a reality, and they will be affordable in a few short years.

How to buy hearing aids from China

Many people have reservations about purchasing from Chinese companies purely because of the language barrier. Often great products are ignored because a potential customer has no idea how to make a purchase.

Buying from Chinese manufacturers admittedly does have a few obstacles because of geographical location. Things like sampling and quality control can be epic tasks because of the distance the products need to be shipped. However, most of the companies if not all of them have dealt with European and US customers before and have English speaking sales staff. Samples can be made quickly to your specifications and shipped the very next day.

The savings you are likely to make on these types of products are well worth the extra patience needed to wait for a delivery. When buying from a wholesale vendor, they will have a MOQ (minimum order quantity) This is because the manufacturer will likely have to produce moulds, purchase materials and tools specific to your order. They factor the cost of these extra items into the MOQ.

If you are serious about purchasing from a Chinese manufacturer, it’s always recommended that you undertake a site visit to monitor their production facility and techniques. It’s the only way to ensure your standards are met and that you are getting the product you want. Some things are just better communicated in person.

When it comes to money, contracts and their negotiation, then it advisable to seek legal advice and contract an interpreter. It may seem daunting, but Western retailers make purchases in China all the time, and there are specialists out there who specifically provide services for facilitating deals between Western buyers and Chinese manufacturers. For a more in-depth view of the buying process, check out our article on the 5 things you should know about importing hearing aids from China.