the ”No Invoice” Mooncake-Gambling activity was held at the Tianhong shopping center at the North Huizhan at 3:00 pm on October 12th, 2019, the present for the winner is one powerful digital hearing aid in the activity,

”This is my first time to win the No.1 participating in outer activity!” Miss Yang Yihong, who told with sign language, for the moment the deaf people get more concern and help, she was touched.

Worth being mentioned, this Double Ninth Festival respects the older people’s activity, through the association of the deaf, got LeagueSound support. Hope through the activity can make more people know the deaf people, and strain the distance between each other.

Caring LeagueSound donates 11pcs hearing aids to the association of the deaf.

The present for the No.1 winner — one powerful digital hearing aid was donated by Xiamen League Sound Technology Development Co., Ltd. Meanwhile, the company had donated ten hearing aids for the deaf association. The chairman of the company said, the company will explore more cooperation with the city deaf association, and care more people who need help.