Full Certifications Digital Hearing Aids Manufacturer

As one of the best hearing aids manufacturer in Xiamen China,  League Sound is proud to assist people with our patented digital hearing aids includes the Behind-the-ear (BTE) and In-the-ear (ITE) type of hearing aids which offer an incredibly accurate and clear amplified sound.

Our product have passed a series of quality certificate, Our medical products had approved CE/ ISO /FDA / LETTER OF PATENT, etc, and as to cooperate with the overseas market. Our factory plant had approved ISO 13485 as well.

CE certificate

The compliance of this quality assurance system with the below mentioned requirements of the Council Directive 93 42 EEC was verified by an audit: Annex V

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FDA Registeration Certificate

FDA stands for the Food and Drug Administration, a government agency responsible for the safety of medical devices and products being sold or manufactured in the United States.

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MED/CERT certificate

The compliance of the Quality Management System with the requirements of the below mentioned was verified by an audit: EN ISO 13485:2016

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LeagueSound Hearing Aids to Boom Your Business

Whether for your brand hearing aid OEM or for your bid project, LeagueSound hearing aid can always make your business rocket.

Powerful Digital Hearing Aid

Powerful Digital Hearing Aids

Classical Hearing Aids

Classical Hearing Aids

Affordable Hearing Aids

Affordable Hearing Aids

ITE Hearing Aids

ITE Hearing Aids

RIC Hearing Aids

RIC Hearing Aids

Comfort Hearing Aids

Comfort Hearing Aids

LeagueSound Hearing Aids Manufacturing

Visit LeagueSound Factory for Hearing Aids Manufacturing at XiaMen China.

digita hearing aids production line

Digital Hearing Aids Production Line

hearing aids testing cener

Digital Hearing Aids Testing Center

hearing aids Research & Development Center

Hearing Aids Research & Development Center

digital hearing aids pre-programed center

Digita Hearing Aids Pre-programed Center

LeagueSound: Your Reliable Digital Hearing Aids Supplier in China

LeagueSound is one of the leading digital hearing aid suppliers and all of our digital hearing aid can meet and exceeds CE/FDA certificate, and we will provide a competitive price based on your project.

LeagueSound will give you the best hearing solution based on your project’s requirements with our professional technical team. If you are a hearing aids brand and need to find an OEM manufacturer, then LeagueSound will 100% support you on the sound-amplifying device’s development.

Send us your inquiry for your next hearing aid project.

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Why Choose Us

  •  AAA credit audited enterprise
  •  ISO CE FDA approved
  •  Low MOQ Requirement
  •  OEM/ODM Service Support Your Brand
  •  Full 12-Month Manufacturer’s Warranty
  •  Sample Ship Out Same Day
  •  Creative Packaging When You Need
  •  10,000+ pcs Hearing Aids A Year Ship Worldwide
  •  Free Consultation, Unlimited expert support
  •  Flexible Financial Payment Terms

What Our Clients Say

Well received, good packaging, good product, good & fast shipping way,Good laboratory, thank you !

Didier, Belgium

Professional factory, great communicattion, great service. All good!

Andrew, United States

Awesome supplier. Prompt shipments and responses. Highly recommend.

Margaret, Canada

High-quality hearing aids and professional factory, we’d like to work with you again. A+++

Mr. Nguyen, Vietnam


More Questions You Need to Know

Do you have any MOQ for your Hearing Aids Order?

We do not have MOQ for every order, we can manufacture the hearing devices from 1 pc.

Can I Visit Your Digital Hearing Aids Manufacturing Factory in China?

Welcome to visit our fire door factory in Xiamen China. Fly to Xiamen Airport directly and we will pick you up.

Can you export to America?

Yes, all of our hearing aids have passed the FDA certifications for America and Canada.