How to manufacture a hearing aid at League Sound

From design to Reality

Hearing is a most fascinating sense.Every second, our ears detect and process thousands of sounds.To enable the full richness of hearing. Our engineers strive to transform the impossisble into reality.Even in the most complex hearing situations, LuSound hearing aids automatically filter a variety of that you can hear what matters most to you.

Exquisite Craftsmanship

We design and build our hearing aids with care and precision at every step, combing our knowledge with lastest innovations in automated sound processing technology.

The production line of our hearing aids comprises automated coating of components to ensure reliability, as well as precision handcrafting.

Testing Report

To ensure our tradition of manufacturing to the highest standard of quality,our hearing aids are put to a full range of tests.

Our nearly invisible custom-built hearing aids are cast from the shap of your ear canal.We use sophisticated modeling software to optimize the placement of the components and create this perfect marriage of sound-processing automation with the most exquisite craftmanship.

It’s Not Just A Hearing Aid

We are proud to take your hearing experience from design to manufacturing,to the hands of the hearing care provider,who will personalize to your unique hearing loss.So your sense of hearing can become crystal clear again and you can experience life to the fullest and enjoying what you love.

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