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Open Fit Thin Tube Manufacturer & Supplier

LeagueSound tubes are available in different sizes,we can manufacture from 0B ft to 3B. Different size of open-fit tube for better wear and comfortable.All size available included: 0B, 1B, 2B, 3B (Small, Medium, Large) Thin Tube, Left and Right fitting your hearing aid, Most partners order the Size: 2B more often than any other sizes.

Thin Tube for Phonak, Oticon, widex, unitron, Signia, Resound and Starkey

medium thin tube for Beltone Rexton Hansaton

Compatible with All Main Brand Rexton,Phonak, Oticon, widex, unitron, Signia, Bernafon, Resound Beltone, Hansaton and Starkey Hearng Aids.

0b Thin Open Tube for hearing aids

Size 0B Thin Tube

  • Left and Right for Hearing Aid
  • Easy to Change
  • Compatible with Open tip and standard tip
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Size 1B Open Fitting Tube

  • Material:PEBAX
  • Easy to use
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Size 1B thin open tube

2B open fitting tube detail

Size 2B Open Fitting Tube

  • Material:PEBAX
  • Color:Transparent
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Size 3B Open Fitting Thin Tube

  • Material:PEBAX
  • Tube Size: De1.7mm * D1.1mm
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3B open thin tube for hearing aids

Open Fitting Thin Tube Manufacturing

Visit our Xiamen factory in China Anytime,

Offer OEM/ODM Service for Customization  0B 1B 2B 3B Open Fitting Tubes, Ask your quote here!

Open Fitting Thin Tube Manufacturer

Open Fit Thin Tube Manufacturing

Open Fitting Thin Tube Manufacturing Facility

FAQ: More Questions You Need to Know

Do you have any MOQ for your Thin Tube Order?

We can ship the tube from 1 pc.

Can I Visit Your Thin tube Manufacturing Factory in China?

Welcome to visit our factory in Xiamen China.

Can you Export to Euro?

Yes, We are Full Certifications Manufacturer and passed the CE certifications for Euro.

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