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Are you planning to buy wholesale hearing aids from China? LeagueSound is You The Best Chinese Wholesale Hearing Aids Supplier,The best manufacturer and factory in China, supply all kinds of wholesale hearing to support your business. Check it now!

Open Fit Hearing aids wholesale

Wholesale BTE Open Fit Hearing Aids from China

Small and elegent design make it invisible and comfortable to wear

  • Dimension: 0.53inch X 0.28inch X 1.20inch
  • 312 Battery
  • Beige and black color available
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Wholesale RIC Hearing Aids

Wholesale RIC Hearing Aids from China

RIC means Receiver-in-the-canal , which the receiver is attached to a small wire that’s inserted into the ear canal.

  • Max Gain is up to 58 dB
  • Beige and Black color Available
  • Auto Adaptive Directionality
  • Pre-programmed with 4 listening settings
  • Programming Available for your business based audio report to custom for fitting hearing
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Powerful Digital Hearing aid

Powerful hearing aid is ideal for severe to profound hearing loss, Wheel for voice control and pushbuton make it very easy and convenient to adjusted. that is very popular for your market

  •  high-performance DSP hearing aid
  • Up to 6 listening programs to fitting your lifestyles
  • Only beige color available
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Bluetooth Hearing aids Wholesale

Wholesale Bluetooth Hearing Aids from China

Wholesale Bluetooth hearing aids connect with your android or iphone mobile phone, App control hearing aids, new lifestyle of hearing

  • Dimensions of Device: 6.7mm x 12.5mm x 32.5mm
  • Adjust voice on via App on your phone
  • 312 Battery
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Wholesale Affordable Hearing Aids from China

LeagueSound improve hearing aid accessibility, make a different for affordable hearing aids

  • Two buttons earhook hearing aids patented by Leaguesound
  • Earhook and slim tube can be exchangable
  • Programing Cable: CS44
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Wholesale In the Ear Hearing Aids from China

In the ear is ITE , This device is contained all in one shell and sits on the outer portion of the inner ear.

  • Real-time data analysis system
  • Auto-phone-switchable program
  • Leading Self-Learning technology
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Wholesale CIC Hearing Aids

Wholesale Completely-in-the-canal Hearing Aids from China

Completely-in-the-canal is shorten as CIC , Also requires a custom fit and is similar to the ITC device, but is smaller and nearly invisible.

  • Battery:10A
  • 4 Program Setting Switch
  • CS63Programming Cable Avialable for Custom Hearing based Audio Report
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ITE Hearing Aids Wholesale

Wholesale ITE Invisible Hearing Aids from China

ITE Invisible hearing aids, 4/6/8/12/16 Channel Available, Easy to operate – adjust the volume with the tip of your finger.

  • Peak Gain:60 dB
  • HFA Full-on Gain: 55 dB
  • Built-in Audiometer
  • Low-level Expansion
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Fashion Hearing aids Wholesale

Wholesale Fashion Sleek Hearing Aids from China

Fashion and Sleek Design ITC Powerful, Digital Technology, Easy to Wear and Easy to Change battery

  • Nearly Invisible
  • Super Affordable Price
  • Low MOQ Requirement
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ITC Amplifier Faceplate Kit

Wholesale ITC Amplifier Faceplate Kit from China

Wholesale Pre-Wired Faceplate Kits for CIC/ITC hearing aids, Custom Hearing Aid for Hard and Soft Earmolds

  • Support Battery Size: 10A / 13A / 312
  • Tinnitus Treatment
  • 4 Settings to Match Different Environments
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Wholesale OTC Hearing Aids

Over-the-counter hearing aids provide a great option for people with mild to moderate hearing loss who are comfortable managing technology themselves.

  • In 2017, Congress mandated that the FDA establish a category of over-the-counter (OTC) hearing aids for sale in the United States.
  • Over-the-counter hearing aids remove the service component, saving you hundreds or even thousands of dollars over traditional hearing aids.
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How to find wholesale hearing aids supplier from China. Check this now!

1.Find out why are hearing aids so expensive hearing center, Why not place your order on hearing aid wholersaler?

2.Choose the reliable and trusted hearing aids vendor and make a hearing aid price comparison

3.Writing all the vendor hearing aid price list on your table

4.What is best hearing aid on your the market?

Where should you buy wholesale digital hearing aid products?

When considering a supplier for your OEM or wholesale project, then you must ensure that the manufacturer offers low minimum order quantities and that they are certified and regulated by the appropriate governing bodies. League Sound based in Xiamen, China tick all of these boxes and have established an excellent reputation within this competitive industry.

League sound has built successful partnerships with other manufacturers and suppliers around the world. They offer free consultations and provide a 12-month warranty on all of their devices, which is a testament to their confidence in themselves and their products.

The team has particular experience working with American retailers as their facility and products are FDA approved. They have an open-door policy, and customers are encouraged to visit them in at their state-of-the-art facility in China to see how they do things.

By implementing the latest technology in their hearing devices, they have proven that their products can compete with the best in the business. Their BTE and ITE instruments incorporate the newest smartphone integrations, and their entire product offering is continually improving and expanding.

League Sound see themselves as an on-demand production facility that can help you achieve success. They don’t want to be considered solely as a device vendor but a trusted partner in a long and fruitful venture.

They are entirely open to questions, and their team of exceptional audiologists can assist you with any queries you may have. They are there to help you through the initial consultation, design and implementation phases, and will still be available through delivery and after-sales.

How to choose the right Wholesale digital hearing aid for your Market

Choosing a hearing aid is a daunting task, particularly if you’re a first timer. There are just so many styles, colours and capabilities from which to choose.

However, there are four main things to consider when choosing a hearing instrument:-

  • Your personal hearing loss issues
  • Your lifestyle
  • Your fashion style
  • Cost

Absolutely the first thing you should do is have your hearing checked by a professional. Millions of people around the globe have a hearing impairment, and often it goes undetected. There are many types of hearing impairment, and the degree of hearing loss can range from mild to severe. The great thing about digital hearing instruments today is the fact that they can be designed to suit your unique set of circumstances.

Go to your family doctor in the first instance as they can guide you on the appropriate steps to take next. They will diagnose the problem, whether it be wax build-up or something more complicated and they will know the local hearing specialists in your area. However, a quick search online will direct you to the best audiologists.

At your appointment, with the audiologist, they will talk to you about your situation and lifestyle and will carry out a comprehensive hearing check. Depending on your results the audiologist will recommend a suitable remedy which may involve the use of a hearing aid. You are under no obligation to use one, but the benefits of complete hearing health can’t be understated. Take your time to find a device you feel most comfortable with.

The way you live your life will have a significant impact on the device that you choose. Do you spend a lot of time in noisy environments? Do you swim or play sports? You will need to select a device that has the capabilities that suit your lifestyle.

Some people like to show off their hearing aid, where others want to hide it from the world. It’s a personal choice, just as your fashion choices are. If you like to show off your latest gadget, then you would probably want to prioritise the colour, design and integrability over the type of device like BTE or IIC for example. However, if you’re going to wear a hearing aid more discreetly, then you are likely to choose an IIC device over a BTE. Everyone’s preference is different.

Cost is obviously a significant factor for most people. Some devices can be extremely expensive, and with advances in technology, some hearing aids may become obsolete in a few short years. Therefore, it’s imperative to choose a device that is modern, robust and has all the functionality needed to prove useful to you for a significant number of years.

As always, there is a trade-off between cost and capability. The more expensive hearing instruments link up with all your smart devices, they are waterproof and nearly indestructible. Affordability is almost as unique as the individual.

LeagueSound Digital Hearing Aids to Rock Your Business

Digital hearing aids incorporate all the functionality of analogue programmable hearing aids. Still, they don’t just simply amplify the sound like their archaic counterparts. They are considerably more complicated than that. Digital hearing instruments convert sound waves into digital signals and create an exact copy. This signal can then be manipulated and separated. Useful frequencies can be amplified while unwanted sounds can be cancelled out altogether. These new, modern devices afford the manufacturer greater control, enabling them to tailor the device for particular needs and also just as importantly the user can control the features necessary to them and their lifestyle.

Modern digital hearing aids are intuitive and can learn through ongoing activity. Some are even controlled by smart devices, which automatically detect the user’s environment and can change its settings, hands-free.

Most individuals who seek hearing help are mostly offered digital technology these days.

How Digital Hearing Aids Benefit Your Customer’s Needs

Four components make up a digital hearing aid:-

  • Microphone
  • Amplifier
  • Loudspeaker
  • Power supply

With respect to digital hearing aids, the critical component is undoubtedly the amplifier which essentially acts as a digital brain and master computer. In a digital hearing device, audio waves are picked up by the microphone, and through a process called digital signal processing (DSP) the original sound wave is digitized and cleaned up. This new, clean, digital signal is then converted back into audio waves and is transmitted into your ears. As you can see, it doesn’t merely make sounds louder; it affords an array of signal processing to allow the user to hear frequencies that are relevant to their impairment.

However, not all digital hearing aids are created equal, and some manufacturers offer functionality that vastly improves sound capture and quality of speech like, automatic volume regulation, noise management and feedback suppression.

The following is a basic schematic of how a digital hearing aids work:-

  1. The internal microphone detects sound waves.
  2. The processing microchip monitors these sounds waves and converts them into a digital copy.
  3. Processed sounds are sent to the amplifier.
  4. Depending on the user’s settings, the amplifier can choose to amplify specific frequencies and delete unwanted sounds; then the digital signal is sent to the loudspeaker.
  5. The loudspeaker delivers the clean sound to the ear via various methods depending on the device.

Digital hearing aids offer a significant improvement over analogue hearing aids, and some of the most common features and capabilities are listed below.

Feedback cancellation

Analogue hearing aids can sometimes whistle; this whistle is called feedback. Digital hearing aids can detect this feedback and deny it from ever reaching the user while still allowing soft speech to pass.

Directional Microphones

These components allow the user to focus on specific sounds within an environment. Traditionally with analogue devices, a user had to push a button, but with modern digital instruments this is all programmed and carried out automatically.

Music detection

Music is very different from speech, and early digital and analogue devices struggled to cope with the nuances of a musical signal. However, music detection and processing today is far superior, and these modern devices have specific programmes for dealing with it.


In the modern world, it’s vitally important that digital hearing devices can integrate with the everyday items we use like smartphones. Most digital hearing aids come with downloadable apps that control the settings and programs used to optimise the listening experience.

Telephone adaptation

Most digital hearing devices contain an electromagnetic induction coil (telecoil). This component makes it easier to understand speech on a cell phone or a landline telephone. Simply place the phone next to the device. However, there are telecoil compatible telephones that are specifically designed for this purpose.

Your Perfect Wholesale Hearing Aids Supplier – LeagueSound

LeagueSound manufacture high quality, comfortable hearing aids for children, kids, adult and elders.

You can design your own brand hearing aid on there. We produce both digital hearing aid and analog hearing aid.

LeagueSound based on our strong supply chain management to support your business from the supply of materials to production to order shipping, it supports us to produce small OEM orders and large wholesale orders at the same time with the same fast production time.

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